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The poultry rendering process focusses on handling by-products of the poultry slaughter process that are not intended for human. consumption and transforming them into valuable proteins, minerals and oils. Poultry is a general term used for animals such as chicken, turkey, ducks, geese. Poultry by-products consist of soft meat, feathers, blood, and deboning residue as well as dead on arrival (DOA), deboning residue and farm waste.


Poultry Fat is primarily obtained from the tissue of poultry in the commercial process of rendering or extracting. Poultry Fat is the component remaining after solids and moisture has been extracted in the normal rendering process.

The range of free fatty acid (FFA) is 0.5 to 20% which our industry is capable of processing.


Waste based acid oils include; Palm Acid Oil (PAO), Palm Fatty Acid Distillate (PFAD), Palm Oil Mill Effluent (POME), Rapeseed Acid Oil (RAO), Sunflower Acid Oil (SAO) etc.

Waste acid oils may have FFA up to 70%, which our refinery is capable of processing


Used Cooking Oil is a product derived from vegetable oils. It is the resultant of vegetable oil that has been used to cook food and thereby becomes injurious to consume by humans, once used more than two times.



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