Poultry Rendering

Poultry Rendering Process

The poultry rendering process focusses on handling by-products of the poultry slaughter process that are not intended for human. consumption and transforming them into valuable proteins, minerals and oils. Poultry is a general term used for animals such as chicken, turkey, ducks, geese. Poultry by-products consist of soft meat, feathers, blood, and deboning residue as well as dead on arrival (DOA), deboning residue and farm waste.

None of the poultry by-products are thrown away! However, before these by-products can be used in other processes, they have to be treated first. Then our team turn these poultry by-products into high quality

  • Meat and bone meal
  • Whole meal
  • Feather Meal
  • Blood meal
  • Fats/tallow/oil

This process is called rendering. These meals are suitable for use in pet food industry, feed industry. The fats to the pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, oil industry.

Processing Poultry By-Products

The processing of poultry by-products starts with raw material handling, followed by heat treatment to reduce the moisture content and to kill micro-organisms. Separation of the melted oil from the solids (protein) is achieved through draining and pressing. The solid fraction is then ground into a powder, such as whole meal, poultry meat meal, feather meal, blood meal and poultry oils. The oil can be clarified through decanting or settling.

Raw Material Handling And Storage

The Raw Material section is the first section of the Rendering plant. Due to the enormous variety of type and nature of the animal by-products, there are specific methods of storage, transfer, and pre-treatment required in the raw material section. The main differences in this design and execution is the raw material source, like Poultry (White Meat) by-products, Red Meat by-products or Fish by-products.

This section is meant to take care of the raw material input, whether it’s meatbonesoffalsblood or feathers.


  • Storage equipment
  • Equipment for transferring the raw material
  • Pre- treatment (metal detection equipment)
  • Size reduction (crushing equipment)
  • Pre-separation (feather pressing equipment)

Rendering is about making the best profit out of your by-products. ZRS is aware of these needs and is specialized in fine-tuning the equipment to make the best possible end-product. ZRS makes your by-product most valuable to reduce the return-on-investment and increase your profits! This is why we claim “Rendering is not waste handling it’s nutrient management!

Batch Processing

Batch cookers are used for the batch cooking process as described in the processing section. The purpose of the batch cooker in the rendering process is to conditionsterilizehydrolyze and dry the product. If your company renders white meat (poultry), red meat, feathers, blood or a mixture of by-products the
batch cooker is the perfect solution for you!


  • High loading capacities compared to raw volume
  • High performance shaft for short batch times
  • Great range of capacities
  • Flexibility of adding additional Batch cooker(s)
  • Both automatic and manual
  • Heated shell and shaft
  • Strong under frame for easy installation, maintenance and piping
  • Frame mounted gear reducer and drive for strength and rigidity
  • Small footprint
  • Unit arrives complete pre-fitted

Continuous Processing

Supercookors are used for the continuous cooking process of meatbones and offal.
The purpose of the Supercookor in the rendering process is to dry the product. If your company requires high capacities, low energy input and the best possible end product the Supercookor is the perfect solution for you!


  • High evaporation capacities varies between 2 ton till 16 ton per hour
  • Easy control
  • Low energy input
  • Doors on vapor dome for easy inspections and maintenance of the shaft
  • Heavy walled tubes for long life both carbon and stainless steel execution available
  • Recirculating oil system on shaft bearing for lower maintenance costs
  • Full-length vapour release for higher evaporation capacity



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